Bigfoot The Monster Toy

Bigfoot the Monster ToyBigfoot The Monster – Give Your Little Monsters A Pal To Play With

The Bigfoot the Monster toy from Fisher Price is tipped to be a hot seller this Christmas. It is aimed at kids between 3 and 8 years old and is basically an amusing and entertaining toy. Kids will love his antics and will enjoy being able to control these antics. To this extent, the toy will amuse and entertain for a few months but they might get a little bored with it after that time frame as the behavior will become predictable. I guess this is to be expected with most toys but the little monsters will get a great deal of enjoyment out of Bigfoot when he first arrives. 

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More on the Bigfoot The Monster toy

So the first thing to cover is the size of the Bigfoot the Monster  toy. It's a big toy. In terms of actual dimensions, Bigfoot is around 6.5 x 14.5 x 12.3 inches and weighs 9 pounds. So he quite tall and wide, especially for a child of around 3 to 5 years of age.

As the size is comparable to the child, Bigfoot will be considered a buddy or companion rather than a toy that sits at the bottom of the cupboard or toy box. Your son or daughter might even want to take him to bed at night times when he first arrives.    

The toy will also charm kids with his range of behavior. It's safe to say that this will be the most interesting thing for kids to do with the toy. They will be able to test out all his idiosyncrasies by pushing the various buttons on the remote control device.

The remote control device uses an infrared signal and the receiver is located in the chest of the toy. So to this extent it will only work when you are in front of him (give or take 30 degrees each way). The RC controller is in the shape of a big foot.

The buttons that control the toy are easy to push and fairly intuitive to use. Each button has an icon or expression on it to indicate what behavior will result if you push it (there is also an instruction booklet if you want the full details of how the toy and the RC unit work).

However for kids, the best way to learn how the device works is by pressing each button and seeing the response from Bigfoot. Once they have done this a few times it will become clear what does what.

In terms of behavior, the toy can do heaps of things. He has a few modes that can be activated at the push of a button. These are happy, angry, sleep, fun, ball, and exercise. You can also make him walk backwards (he does his own warning beep when backing up which is pretty amusing) and forwards.

His angry behavior is funny. He lifts his arms up and shakes them with rage. He'll even go as far and throwing himself on the ground and banging his fists into the ground. He'll roar and moan and splutter while doing this. This should have the kids in fits of laughter for the first few times.

Sleeping is another fun mode to put him in. He sleeps on his back with his legs raised in the air. His legs raise and fall as he snores, in true cartoon character pose. He even has dreams which cause his face to twitch – the eyebrows will go up and down and the eyes will roll and goggle from time to time. He even has nightmares that will wake him up all flustered.

The fun and happy modes will have him doing all sorts of wacky things like singing rap songs and dancing.

The exercise and ball modes can show off his physical prowess. For the ball mode, you can place the included red gall in his hand and he will toss it across the room. Not as good as in the commercials but he will toss it.

The exercise mode has him raising his arms as if doing weight training. He can also flip on his back and then flip back to his feet. You can even push him to the floor and he will flip back on his feet. This should amuse kids for a while.

Kids can also feed him with the supplied green plastic leaf. He will chomp on it with his jaw moving up and down on it. He may even burp from time to time. You can also tickle his tummy which will cause various facial expressions and a laughing sound. 

This toy includes a 7.2V Ni-MH rechargeable battery pack and charger which is used to power the Bigfoot Monster.

The remote control device requires 2 AA batteries which do not come with the purchase. You will have to get these yourself. Getting the toy up an running is very easy and straightforward but there is a full instruction booklet should you have any problems.

What you get With Your Bigfoot the Monster toy

Big Foot Toy himself, a detachable arm, two plastic toy pieces – ball and leaf, wireless remote control unit in the shape of a big foot, 7.2V Ni-MH rechargeable battery pack, charger, and instructional booklet.

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Big Foot Spotted In New York City !

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